EMC Integrity specializes in emissions and immunity testing for commercial use, including IT, medical, scientific, industrial and consumer equipment; and military and aerospace use for actuator mechanisms, command and data handling, GPS receivers and speed governors for turbines. Every electronic device you come in contact with is subject to vigorous testing in order to ensure it meets proper performance standards, and EMC Integrity a leading testing facility for this purpose with clients worldwide.

In 2006, EMCI President Vincent Greb made the decision to move what was already a very successful business forward by building a facility that would combine an engineering lab with a 10-meter test chamber for measuring radiated emissions, creating a one-stop shop for customers. The business grew rapidly as a result of this move and in 2011, Mr. Greb saw an opportunity to again make changes that would greatly impact the future growth of the company. He expanded the original facility by 6,500 square feet and added a second 10-meter chamber to make the building capable of supporting much larger products.

Mr. Greb financed this most recent growth spurt with two 504 loans, one for the real estate expansion, and a second for the capital equipment purchase of the additional 10-meter chamber. Colorado Lending Source partnered with Home State Bank’s Karen Boyes to provide these loans.